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  1. IT Professional Services

    1. Contract Staffing
    2. Many a times our clients face a situation where the project demands skills which are not available internally. We address this gap by contracting our staff as per the client needs. Our wide experience in project management and implementation have over the years given us a wealth of business networks. We have also established an ecosystem of business associates from which we can draw in resources. These abilities have been very crucial in many of our clients and partners' successes, as you can read in our testimonials. While we engage in this mode of professional services with our client, our goal is to provide the right resource, at the right time, at the best commercial value for the client.

    3. Contract to hire
    4. In some cases, some of our clients want to retain a Peachtree employee. This occurs mainly due to the fact that over the years of engagement, a particular employee would have gained a specific domain knowledge, or skill or business and quality process to an extent that the client would gain more value by hiring him in to the Organization as a permanent staff. We at Peachtree, understand that these cases do occur, and in our experience allowing our clients to hire our employees in such cases have been a win-win situation. The commercials for such a service would be different and are arrived at before a contract to hire service is rendered.

    5. Full time staffing
    6. We also do full time hires for our clients. Right talent is acquired from the market against the confirmed requirement given to us, and is placed with the client for a fee.

  2. Business Process Outsourcing

    1. Recruitment Process outsourcing
    2. Over the period of years, we at Peachtree have gained considerable expertise in the arena of recruitment. We wanted our clients to leverage out of this expertise of ours, and hence we formed a separate business unit to cater to various client needs in this sector. "A job well begun is a job half done", the adage goes on to say. In the same way, we believe a well recruited and inducted employees are far more productive than the ones that are not. We have found that a well inducted employee, becomes productive in a lesser period of time than an employee who is left to figure out himself in the Organization. We offer end to end recruitment and induction solutions, containing the following,- Job Analysis, defining Job Description and Person Specifications - Right talent Acquisition for the job- On-boarding processes - Ensuring the candidate report to the Organization - Weekly and monthly metrics available to track progress. - Explanation of client Organization policies and procedures- Briefing on the benefits packages of the client Organization

  3. Federal Govt Turnkey Projects

  4. Our Past Experiences

    Peachtree Business Solutions Corporation, has a proven history of successful project implementation. An overview of past experience includes:

    US Census Bureau:
    Project Management services for a project to redesign and develop a suite of products to assist the Economic Directorate at the US Census Bureau in providing Census analysts an automated capability for designing questionnaires, which will be sent to US respondents for the 2007 Census. This project also includes the development of a web-based product that will enable respondents to provide their completed questionnaires via the Internet.

    Project Management for the Internet reservation booking system. Management of vendor performing enhancements / modifications to system.Project Management for development and implementation of the Commissary Inventory Management and on board Point of Sale Project. Scope of project included implementation of system at ten (10) Amtrak commissaries located throughout the US in addition to Corporate Headquarters and Point of Sales workstation on all Amtrak train sets.Project Management / Subcontract Management for Amtrak's Year 2000 Remediation Effort. This included all software applications, mechanical, engineering, signals, and desktop hardware/software. Project Management and technical telecommunication support for implementation of Amtrak's Station Automation Project. This included site surveys at stations, re-construction, cabling, and equipment installation.Telecommunications architecture technical services for Amtrak's infrastructure.Requirements specification for Amtrak's safety claims systemProgramming services for Amtrak's IT organization Technical Project Staff Assistant to Amtrak's Information Technology Organization.

    Montgomery County Maryland:
    Team member on award of Y2000 Impact Services contract by Montgomery County Maryland.

    BDM /TRW
    BDM Federal Systems implementation planning and management services for a large system integration and data migration contract with the American Red Cross. This support included implementation planning, program management, data migration and installation of software, hardware, and networks for forty (40) Red Cross regional sites throughout the United States. Marketing research and business development consulting services for BDM Federal Systems for two Government Cabinet Agencies.

    Consulting services to support proposal management and development for CTA, Incorporated.

    Irving Burton Associates:
    Program Management consulting for a network development and integration project to support a mortgage claims processing application for Irving Burton Associates. The software application required enhancements and modifications required to meet FHA regulations prior to implementation and utilization by customer.

    Lockheed Martin:
    Project control and configuration management at Lockheed Martin for a time and attendance database enhancement and data migration from a mainframe environment to client server. Project extended to include support to Lockheed Martin United Kingdom Software development (C+ programming language) and test for optical mark recognition application for Lockheed Martin's Data Capture proposal to the Bureau of Census. System Test Plan development and execution for Lockheed Martin data migration activity.

    Loral Corporation:
    Proposal management, development and support to Loral Federal Systems for three large system integration proposals to the Social Security Administration, the Air Force, and the Federal Aviation Administration. This support included generating program management plans, management proposal development, and review and critique of sections of the technical proposal.

    Sub tier Partner to Ciber and Alternative Resources Corporation:
    Contract services in the areas of program management, applications and systems programming, testing, help desk support and other technical services to IBM Corporation nationwide.

    IBM Corporation:
    Prior to the formation of Peachtree Software Solutions, Inc., the company's President obtained a broad spectrum of management experience through employment at IBM Corporation. This experience was comprised of 20 years of performance in the areas of information systems management, cost proposal management, business planning, program control, first and second line management, product development management, and system integration program management experience. The last seven years experience was exclusively directed at program management of systems integration and software development contracts in image technology for IBM's ImagePlus products. This project management experience included bid qualification, win strategy, proposal development, and contract negotiations and closure. Subsequent contract performance management included requirements definition, design, code, integration and test, installation, training, customer acceptance, and product maintenance and support.

    Customers included:
    Wachovia Bank-customer signature card application United States Automobile Association (USAA)-claims / policy application Texas Utilities-oversized engineering drawing repository University of Virginia Medical Center- medical records Yellow Freight - bills of lading Hospital Corporation of America - health provider network Morristown Hospital - patient management application/system Nuclear Electric in the United Kingdom - engineering records application. In all cases, program objectives were successfully met within budget and with excellent customer satisfaction.

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